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I'm Sophia. I'm recovering. I work out.

Is there a reason that practically none of you followed my new blog?

it’s basically a recovery blog

other stuff from my life too


Hey guys!
So, I’ll most likely still be using this blog sometimes, but i’m starting a new one. please follow it, if your blog is interesting/a recovery blog/something i like, i will follow you back.
Also, my new twitter is @reveurpapier :-)
Like this post if you want me to check out your tumblr/twitter and follow you on those accounts?

: How to piss off a Fitblr:



  • “No, I don’t eat fruit, I don’t want to get fat from all the sugar!”
  • “Yeah, she’s pretty, but her thighs touch…”
  • “I don’t lift weights. I’m not looking to get all bulky and mannish.”
  • “Oatmeal? Ew.”
  • “Water weight? But I haven’t had any water in, like, a…

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